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Living Peace Projects

Donate to Living Peace Projects and have the opportunity to win wonderful prizes!

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Living Peace Projects

Donate to Living Peace Projects and have the opportunity to win wonderful prizes! Meer over deze campagne

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Prize 1

Donate to Living Peace Projects and win a silver edition neckless!

Prize 2

Donate to Living Peace Projects and win a regular edition neckless!

Prize 3

Donate to Living Peace Projects and win the book "Power of Compassion"!

Prize 4

Donate to Living Peace Projects and win the book "Hart voor de aarde, hart voor jezelf"!


Living Peace Projects


Water for all: living water drops


Support our projects for healthy water for all and receive a Living Water Drop as a token of our gratitude.


Heart message


Living Water brings peace into our hearts and into the world. By supporting living water activities, we get closer to world peace.


Our story



How it started

In August 2016, a group of spiritual leaders from all around the world gathered in IstanbulThis meeting was initiated by professor Johannes Witteveen, former managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and leader of the International Sufi Movement. He has dedicated his life to bringing loving kindness and harmony into the world; something that was equally important for the leaders who were present. This meeting was the start of a unique friendship between leaders from all kinds of religious, spiritual and indigenous traditions such as Buddhists, Sufi’s, Hindu’s, Sikhs, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Inuit, Maasai, and Indians.


Water for all: action is needed

These spiritual leaders agreed that we need to collaborate to tackle global issues which threaten world peace.
The lack of clean water is one of the most urgent problems to address. Without water, life on earth would not exist. Many water resources are polluted or exhausted. Glaciers in the Himalayas and Greenland are melting. There are water shortages in India and Africa. Crops are being destroyed by flash flooding.


Water mixing ceremony in Assisi June 2018 with Spiritual leaders from around the world.


Our purpose

This is why Living Peace Projects was established: a foundation that puts loving kindness and compassion into action through water projects and education. We want to raise global awareness of the need to preserve our sacred water sources.

We want to raise €70.000 to help finance our water and education projects:

– Living Water Drops: jewels to spread the message
– Living Cycles: innovative sustainable sanitary buildings for developing countries
– Children’s book on sacred water sources
– Water for all conference, June 1st 2022, International Peace Palace, The Hague.


Support our projects

Below we describe the projects and how we put the donations to good use. Donors receive a special gift as a token of our gratitude.


Living Water Drop: a jewel

The Living Water Drop is a beautiful handmade jewel, that symbolizes the life-bringing and healing power of water. The glass waterdrop contains water mixed from 10 sacred springs, which has been harvested and blessed by the spiritual leaders. You can wear the Living Water Drop close to your heart as a token of your contribution and connection with all those who value the importance of our water sources.
Our aim is to have 100.000 people wearing the Living Water Drop and spreading the message over the next two years. This crowdfunding exercise will finance the collection of sacred water sources, as well as the production and distribution of the Water Drops. You can pre-order the Water Drops on the Donation page.



Living Cycles: sustainable sanitary buildings

With support from the Technical University Delft we have designed an easy-to-build sustainable sanitary unit for developing countries. This unit provides safe and clean toilet facilities for women and girls, who otherwise often have to use the open field. The unit also includes wash-hand basins for extra hygiene, and a healthy water tap. Living Cycles also teaches children and communities how to create healthy, sustainable water supplies.


The sanitary unit includes a rain harvesting system that collects and stores water in the rainy season, and provides clean, purified water throughout the year. For power we use solar panels, and the composting toilets provide compost to enrich the soil. It is also a micro-financed social project: local women can earn a living by maintaining the unit and keeping it clean.



With your donations we can build the first Living Cycle unit as a pilot in India. The builders are local people. The first selected locations in India are Himachal Pradesh ,Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat and Dharamsala.


Children’s book on sacred water sources

This is a beautifully illustrated book describing the sacred water sources. Religious, spiritual and indigenous leaders tell the story of their sacred water springs and the meaning of water in their tradition.
We have the funds for publishing the book in English. With this crowdfunding we can finance the translation of the book into 10 languages to educate more children and raise awareness.


Water for All conference

The Water for All conference, where spiritual leaders meet scientists and business leaders, is scheduled for June 1st 2022, at the International Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands. There will be a special water ceremony where water from 18 sources coming from all continents will be merged. This water will be distributed in Living Water Drops and shared all over the world.

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